professional development designed to meet your needs

Professional Development Differentiated, PD2, has now expanded into more than 20 counties and 7 different states.  With regard to our team, we offer a variety of services.  We also cover a multitude of topics for those we serve.  Some of our most popular topics include: Beginning Teacher Support, School Improvement, School Turnaround, Program Evaluations, Comprehensive Needs Assessments, Principal Preparation, New Principal Support, Vision-Casting, Classroom Management, Teacher Effectiveness, Student Achievement, and Serving At-Risk Populations.

Our Vision
We want to see an educational community where students are working collaboratively with their peers and are excited about what they are learning. We seek to empower educators to teach the whole child and meet them where they are.  

Our Mission
Our mission at PD2 is to provide professional development and teacher coaching to help educators and administrators utilize best practices; and make a difference in their students lives. Our PD is differentiated to meet the needs of our clients and we model how differentiation can work in the classroom.

Our Values

...ALL students deserve a QUALITY education from dedicated professionals.

...Quality professional development can make a difference in the effectiveness of classroom instruction and school leadership.

...Schools should focus on educating the WHOLE CHILD.

...Relationships with students and staff are KEY ingredients to effectiveness within the school community. 

...Data must be part of the conversation when it comes to teaching and learning.

...Literacy is a KEY factor when planning educational experiences for students.

...Teamwork and collaboration must be utilized in the classroom to prepare our students for their lives in the workplace.

...Teachers must feel valued and empowered and be provided with quality professional development to improve their practice. 

...Differentiation is VITAL when providing PD as well as when delivering a quality lesson in a classroom. 

...Teacher and principal coaching can add a necessary element to the overall effectiveness of a school community. 

...Teaching and learning are reflective practices.  Evaluate where you are. Change what isn't working and improve on what is.

...School Improvement must be a CONTINUAL effort within the school community.